Why Choose Maple Rise?

Maple Rise Academy is unique in that the girls in the program help to plan their own activities, service projects, meals (and help cook them), and even help to work on finding resolutions for unhealthy behavior. We have seen that the more our students are involved in these processes, the more they gain life skills and take ownership in their treatment.
Maple Rise has a clinical base, largely focusing on DBT skills. Your daughter will receive a minimum of 4 therapeutic groups a week with additional staff-led life skills groups, including nightly positive support groups.
Our program is also unique in academics. Our students attend a local school off campus, which allows them to interact in a classroom setting while working on boundaries with male students in a healthy and supervised environment. Classes are led by certified teachers with a curriculum that will help prepare them for their next academic step. Classes typically include only 8-12 students in a classroom. We strongly feel that our academic program is superior to programs that work primarily through packets or distance learning.
Maple Rise is a perfect combination of an intimate, all girls program, with a strong academic component that provides opportunities to practice boundaries and healthy relationships.
Maple Rise has a 1:4 staff to student ratio, which provides excellent supervision and countless opportunities for staff mentoring. Staff are well trained in DBT concepts, and show great care and concern for each of our students.