Parent & Student Comments

Just a few of the many comments from alumni and parents


“Thank you so much for helping me get my life together and yeah. You guys have been such a cool bunch. Thank you for designing this program because it helped me. Thanks again for all your help”.

“Throughout my stay I have grown a lot as a person. I have found out what it really means to be an individual, but at the same time have realized that I cannot do things all on my own. I have you to thank for the person I am today”.

“To all of the staff, I am doing it, because of You and I working together. I will never forget any of you. You guys helped me change someone who thought she could never be helped. Way to go, because I am living life, healthily. You are all awesome people and you all do well at what you do. Just think, there are kids walking around out there using the skills you taught them. I miss you all very much”.



“Our daughter has made some amazing progress, and I appreciate more than words can say all you have done to help her”.

“Thank you for all you have done for my daughter and myself; without your support so much would not have been possible”.

“It has been extremely difficult having my daughter away from home. Knowing she feels safe and comfortable with you means more than you can know. Thank you so much for helping my little girl”.

“Our daughter is attending the Culinary Institute of America and loving it. She is doing amazingly well and I thank you again for the large role you played in her healing”.

“We can never thank you enough for what you have done for our family”.