Maple Rise ESSENCE Program for Girls on the Autism Spectrum


ESSENCE at Maple Rise Academy is a small, specialized program for girls on the Autism Spectrum.
ESSENCE is an acronym that summarizes our clinical and residential curriculum. This curriculum helps our students make progress in each of these areas.

  • Executive functioning
  • Sensory
  • Self care
  • Emotional regulation
  • Navigating relationships
  • Communication
  • Empathy

Girls thumbs upClinical
ESSENCE has a strong clinical emphasis. Many of our students are clinically complex and thus need a sophisticated therapeutic approach. Our therapists are trained to work with girls on the Autism Spectrum and have a passion for this work.

Therapists are heavily involved in the academic and residential components of our girls’ lives. In addition to our daily social skills training, our girls have at least one individual therapy session per week, one family session per week, and several groups per week. We emphasize family therapy and want our families to be a part of our treatment team. Some of our groups include:

  • Anxiety management
  • Decision making
  • Adoption
  • Sand tray
  • DBT
  • Online/screen/gaming
  • Dorm processing
  • Social skills

Academics:girls in class color small
Our girls participate in an exceptional academic program. Our classes are co-ed. Classes are taught by certified teachers with a curriculum that will help prepare them for their next academic step, whatever it may be. Classes typically include an average of 8-12 students in a classroom, allowing one-on-one individualized support. In addition to teacher directed classes, options for online and guided learning classes are provided to expand our offerings and to help prepare our girls for the future demands that they may face in a college or university environment. Many of our girls also choose to participate in our highly esteemed art program. We have special education teachers on staff to provide specialized instruction and appropriate accommodations.

We believe in providing a well rounded experience for all of our girls. Many of our girls come to us with a fairly narrow range of interests. Our goal is to expand that narrow range to a broader array of interests. We believe that through healthy activities, our girls grow, expand, and have fun. We emphasize health living, arts and culture, and service.

Skiing wAdventure Learning:
Girls in the ESSENCE program will have the opportunity to be involved with our adventure learning curriculum. This program changes with the seasons as we live in a beautiful area with four distinct seasons. These activities are designed to enhance self-esteem, improve social skills, and learn how to have fun in a variety of ways. Adventure learning trips include activities such as: multi-day camping trips, white water rafting trips, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, mountain biking, and snow shoeing. Our students also participate in service activities in the community.

ESSENCE is a specialized program designed to provide superior treatment to girls on the Autism Spectrum or who have social skills deficits. Our dedicated team works to help our girls in an individualized way. We use evidence-based practices and techniques in all that we do. Our ESSENCE curriculum specifically addresses 7 core areas of treatment that assist our students to reach their individual potential.