About Us

Who We Serve

Maple Rise Academy works with girls ages 13-18 to help them develop emotional balance in their lives.  Maple Rise Academy is a close-knit program, where the girls are engaged in healthy activities that they help plan.  Maple Rise is created with a foundation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, to assist in gaining skills to better manage emotions, navigate through adolescence in positive ways, and to create healthy and balanced lives for themselves.  Our students also acquire skills to better develop healthy relationships, set appropriate boundaries, and improve self-esteem.


Expectations for our program are based on the core principles of trustworthiness, respect, and responsibility. We believe that natural consequences and skill building interventions, will best help our students learn more healthy behavior and appropriate emotional management, helping them the most in the future. Staff, therapists, and students work together to implement therapeutic interventions as needed. Examples of these interventions could be:
Worksheets to build knowledge and skills related to the unhealthy behavior.
Running a group for house members after researching particular skills to assist in the deficient area.
Redirecting energy to something productive, such as interacting with the horses.
Taking time to self-soothe and build skills in mindfulness.
Creating a healthy plan for handling similar situations and difficult emotions more effectively in the future.


Students are heavily involved in the planning of activities. Each week, students, staff, and therapists meet together to plan out the upcoming week. Students work together to find and plan activities that fit into one or more of the following guidelines:
Healthy living (fitness and fun) This area includes going to the gym daily, getting involved in community based aerobics classes, or going for a hike in one of the beautiful canyons locally. Students also help plan healthy meals and prepare them.
Arts and Culture: Students are encouraged to find or create activities that will contribute to being a well-rounded individual. Examples of these activities would include attending plays, participating in many of the cultural events at the local university, visiting museums and more.
Service and Community Involvement: Students are encouraged to find opportunities to serve in and be actively involved in the community. Examples of these activities would include visiting the elderly, helping at the food pantry, and other events in the community. Part of each student’s efforts will include planning a community service project that the other student’s in the program will participate in.


Each student will receive weekly individual, family, and group therapy. While our clinicians have several approaches and techniques available to use in any given situation, they are highly trained and certified in the evidence based approach of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, which is the modality used most often. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is another morality used for some students. Students also receive up to four group sessions weekly, including equine assisted therapy. Other groups may include substance abuse recovery group, anger management, NA, sand tray therapy, and others. Each student will also be a part of our weekly planning groups and weekly house processing groups. Students are given therapy assignments to work on that are required to progress in the program. They also keep daily DBT diary cards and review them weekly with their therapist.


Each student at Maple Rise Academy will be assigned a miniature horse to work with. They will be responsible to feed, groom, and care for their horse. Students are encouraged to spend time bonding with their horse and developing a therapeutic relationship. They are encouraged to spend time with them as coping mechanisms with difficult situations and emotions.